Instructor Toolbox

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Traditional Instructor Classes show the participant how to teach a course whether it is BLS, ACLS, and/or PALS.

Basic Life Support Instructor Tools


Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor Tools 
Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor Tools

What happens after you get your instructor credentials?

Before developing the Instructor Toolbox, you were left completely alone to figure it out. It was very frustrating. We know. It happened to us.

We found ourselves paying useless Training Site fees with absolutely no support.

We provide you with the support you need to conduct your classes with the Instructor Toolbox. Whether you teach 1,2 or all 3 AHA courses: BLS-ACLS-PALS, you pay one flat monthly fee to access free and paid resources to start your classes. 

In the Instructor Toolbox, we will share with you resources such as:

  • A list of items needed to teach classes: roster, skills check-off, eCards and more.
  • Where to cost-effectively purchase your essential equipment using the "Pay-as-you-Grow" or "All-In" Methods.
    • Earn and "Pay-as-you-Grow".
    • "all-in" buy everything upfront.
  • Hacks to finding quality equipment at lower costs.
  • Pre and Post-course emails to deliver valuable information and customer service to your students.
  • Troubleshooting links so students can find their eCards BEFORE they call or email you.
  • Mainstreaming course materials to save you time and money
  • Easy ways to grade exams. Grade written exams in 2 minutes.
  • How to set your prices.
  • How to get paid.
  • Quickly find skills check-off sheets for each class.
  • An interactive shopping list to find items you need to teach (with options)
    • For example, you can choose to deliver course content to your students by
      • DVD
      • Streaming
      • USB port
    • We discuss the pro's and con's of each and necessary equipment for each option.